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Guadalupe de Jesus

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Guadalupe was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago and since then, she has learned a great deal about living with and managing her diabetes. 

What helped Guadalupe a lot was participating in a study using the application “Plátano.” It helped her learn to control what and when she eats, and she has greatly improved her diet since then. Guadalupe learned about “Plátano” at Columbia Community Partnership for Health (CCPH), a community resource, and used it for about 3 months.

Family plays a big role in Guadalupe´s success in living with diabetes. She has two sons who help her. She also has grandkids. When cooking for her family, she plans the meals and does the grocery shopping. Among the food she cooks for her family, she selects what she can eat. This allows her to keep a great deal of control over her own food choices and ensures she eats healthy meals. 

Guadalupe realized that even though diabetes would change many things in her life, the changes she made were up to her. She knew these changes would have a positive impact on her life, and that learning more about the condition would help her learn ways to cope with it and live a longer and healthier life. Instead of letting it get to her, she was able to adapt and follow her doctor’s advice.

 “…but if you follow Doctor’s advice, and you participate in programs that help you, you can significantly improve your quality of life living with diabetes.”

In addition to talking with her doctor, Guadalupe also read up on diabetes and participated in the program at the CCPH. This gave her a great deal of control over managing the condition and empowering herself.

Guadalupe has had a positive experience with her doctor. She has testing about every four months to monitor her progress and adjust her medication as necessary. An important factor for her is that they have very good communication.

Guadalupe’s advice for a person trying to learn more about diabetes:

“Read more about diabetes, ask questions to your doctor. Try to enroll in different programs at the community so you can learn more.”


Story by Allyson Stieber

Video by Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Special thanks to Staci Carney and Jason T. Guzman for their support to make this video