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The Medical Center Nursery School

Submitted by CCPH on January 18, 2017. Get Healthy Heights Columbia Community Partnership for Health

MCNS provides a nurturing and child-centered environment where a diverse group of students and teachers plays, learns, and grows together. The beautiful facility, with light and airy classrooms, provides the perfect setting for children’s activities and an exciting bridge between children’s families and homes and the much larger world beyond.

MCNS will be a significant part of your child’s educational career and will provide an important foundation for later learning and experiences. It is hoped that children will develop the ability to approach the world with confidence and self-reliance, will internalize the skills necessary for beneficial and dynamic socialization with others, and will cultivate the ability to think and analyze and learn in productive and creative ways.

For more information, visit: MCNS


The Medical Center Nursery School
10032 New York , NY
United States
Phone: 212.304.7040
Fax: 212.544.4243
New York US