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M423 High School For Excellence And Innovation

Submitted by Get Healthy Heights on October 15, 2015. Get Healthy Heights

At the High School for Excellence and Innovation, we empower our students by providing an abundance of opportunities for them to exercise student voice and choice during their high school experience. By building students’ capacity to fully participate as community members of their school, we help them become agents of change who positively affect their homes, communities, and the world. Our belief is that regardless of previous challenges, every student can earn a high school diploma and be prepared to transition to post-secondary training or college to embark on their 21st century career paths. Program highlights include: Saturday Academy and PM School provide students with test prep, tutoring, and online credit recovery; Programs in film production, band, art, intramural sports, Martial Arts, and Parent GED classes. Serves grades 9-12, Special Education.


M423 High School For Excellence And Innovation
650 Academy Street
10034 New York , NY
United States
Phone: 212-569-1022
Fax: 212-569-1190
New York US