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M103 Dos Puentes Elementary School

Submitted by Get Healthy Heights on October 15, 2015. Get Healthy Heights

Dos Puentes Elementary School is a new, bi-lingual public elementary school located in Washington Heights in northern Manhattan. It provides the opportunity for students to become fluent in both English and Spanish and all teachers are certified in bilingual education. In September 2013, the school opened with three kindergarten classes. Each year it will add a grade up to fifth grade. It already has established partnerships with Teacher’s College at Columbia University and City College, with plans to build more in the near future. Serves grades K-5, Special Education.


M103 Dos Puentes Elementary School
185 Wadsworth Avenue
10033 New York , NY
United States
Phone: 212-781-1803
Fax: 212-781-1809
New York US