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Inwood Community Services Comprehensive Outpatient Addiction Program (COAP)

Submitted by Get Healthy Heights on October 14, 2015. Get Healthy Heights

COAP is a New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) certified, professionally staffed chemical addiction treatment clinic established in 1988. COAP offers a comprehensive array of professional individual, group, family, and vocational services to individuals in need of treatment for substance abuse, as well as to significant others of substance users (who may or may not be in recovery). Staffed by experienced, culturally competent clinicians, treatment is available in both English and Spanish. This clinic also includes a special component serving clients referred from the New York State Division of Parole.


Inwood Community Services, Inc.
651 Academy Street
10034 New York , NY
United States
Phone: 212-942-0043, x132
Fax: 212-567-9476
New York US