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Green Gym Day



Meet at the RING Garden, across from the Dyckman St. stop on the "A" train.
Broadway and Riverside Dr.
10040 New York , NY
United States
Phone: 2129277174
New York US



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Get Healthy Heights


I created Green Gym Day in 2013 as a day for everyone to get out and get moving in our parks. You never know what Green Gym Day will bring, but you can always count on is a long hike through scenic northern Manhattan Parks. Be sure to join us for the next Green Gym Day, either in NYC, or electronically wherever you are via Skype. It's easy to sign up on our website: Our first year (2013) was a wonderful success, with a Nancercize Workshop, Yoga, Tai Chi, Zombie Tag, ping-pong, and a Flamenco class which included my debut performance as a flamenca! Read these articles about it:

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Since then Green Gym Days have been 6-mile "urban hikes" through 6 northern Manhattan parks and include breathtaking views, including over the Hudson River to the New Jersey Palisades. In 2014, and 2015 we were joined by our special partner, Moving For Life, who contributed dancing stretch breaks during the 3-hour hikes. Unbenownst to me, a cartoonist from the New Yorker Magazine came along and featured us in his impressions of the day:

Take a look at this short video I made of Green Gym Day:

Our fifth Green Gym Day is planned for November 4th, 2017. We will be visiting Swindler Cove and hiking through Highbridge Park, with an extra little walk across the newly opened High Bridge, the oldest sanding bridge in NYC. Email me for details.