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What is RecruitMe?

Submitted by CCPH on September 03, 2015 at 2:27pm.
Columbia Community Partnership for Health

What is RecruitMe and how do I use it?
RecruitMe is a tool to connect those that want to participate in clinical trials to the doctors and investigators that are conducting them. To begin using RecruitMe all you have to do is search for a medical condition or research field that interests you and then answer a few eligibility questions and the researcher will get right back to you.

People choose to participate in clinical trials for reasons as individual as they are. Clinical trials can either enhance treatment, or be a treatment option. Some people look for clinical trials when other treatment options have not worked.
Here are just a few of the many reasons people choose to participate in these studies:
• Many, if not all, treatment drugs and tests are free to study participants
• Successful clinical trials may improve the length and quality of life for study participants
• Clinical trials provide an opportunity to take positive action by contributing to the understanding of a disease or condition and by furthering treatment options available to others
• Patients in successful clinical trials are the first to benefit from these cutting-edge treatments

Who will my information be given to?
If you request to be contacted by a research study team, your information will only be shared with the staff members of the study that you expressed interest in.

What are the benefits of joining the registry?
The registry allows you to be notified when a study of possible interest to you enters our database. However you do not need to join our registry in order to get more information on a study.

How will I be notified of studies?
When you join the RecruitMe registry, you will automatically be notified of the latest studies by either email or text message.

How do I participate in a study?
Clinical trials and research studies have specific eligibility criteria that participants will be checked for by the research team at the beginning of a trial or study. These criteria will vary depending on the trial or study. Once you are registered on RecruitMe, the research teams of studies you are interested in will check the criteria for the trial to see if you are eligible.


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