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Isabella House Magazine - Spring Edition

Submitted by isabellageriatr... on April 15, 2015 at 12:22pm.
Isabella Geriatric Center

Keeping up with this vital and enterprising community keeps everyone young. One of the attributes of life at Isabella House is a willingness to provide programs and opportunities that meet the ever growing interests of our residents. For example, a number of residents enjoy creative writing classes; some truly committed souls have volunteered to use their literary talents to develop the first Isabella House magazine, titled All in Our Family. It is a new and exciting venture undertaken by four residents who make up the editorial board, assisted by Angela Menghraj.

In addition to each board member submitting articles, poems and essays, other residents enthusiastically began to contribute their own work. The editorial board will continue to encourage residents to share stories from their lives, their poetry, reflections and anything else that suits their fancy.

The new Spring 2015 issue is available here


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