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CCPH Research Registry

Submitted by CCPH on September 03, 2015 at 3:02pm.
Columbia Community Partnership for Health

Health research offers hope for many people and a chance to help find new treatments for others in the future. At the Columbia Community Partnership for Health we can answer your questions about participating in research and ways in which you can participate. By signing up for our research registry, we can match your interests to health research studies Washington Heights-Inwood.

As part of our research registry you will receive information about studies that are recruiting in Washington Heights-Inwood. If you are interested in participating you may contact the researcher recruiting for the study and ask questions, check your eligibility and/or volunteer to participate.
You can also visit CCPH and find out about health research studies that researchers are recruiting for or use our bilingual health library to learn more about health issues that affect the Washington Heights-Inwood community.

The best way to keep informed of health research in the community and events happening at CCPH is to sign up for our research registry. Before signing up for our research registry, you may have some questions about health research and why it is important for people to volunteer for health research. This article might be helpful with any questions you may have.


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